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[Discussion] Neo-Qabbalism and Geotrauma
I have heard of Qabbalistic interpretations of the Bible that explain the landscape of the story and those involved in them as parts of a body - specifically, the human body. They always seemed to be of a Gnostic quality however.

Professor Barker gives an account of ‘Geotrauma’ using Deleuze and Guatarri’s philosophy, with elements of Freud too, looking at the presuppositions of Darwinian Evolution. He uses Plutonics (the science of intrusive igneous rock that is crystallized from magma slowly cooling below the surface of the Earth) as a way to point out the affect of trauma, that trauma is a body which has a cosmic effect upon all life - each transformation is the result of a catastrophe, be it oxygenisation, or the K/T extinction event - if we ‘speed up seismology, you can hear the earth scream’ as he puts it, taking this logic to cosmic proportions, as intensive matter that is constantly producing the virtual and the actual to finally being about order from this indifferent traumatic process - cosmic schizophrenia.

Deleuze and Guattari’s ‘Geology of Morals’ :

Barker also views bipedalism as a ‘phylogenetic spinal injury’ in humans, as DNA is a ROM script of traumatic memories and our spine, nothing more than a fossil record. Reminds me of Brother Theodore, who advocates ‘getting on all fours’ to cure our woes!

Brother Theodore ‘Quadrapedalism’

Land does lots of scribbling in the back of the text and highlights a coincidental number that bears a relation to the Geotraumatic-cosmic-schizophrenic-unconscious that Barker describes.

It’s a truly mad text and this is only half of it!
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