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Paranormal Activity Film Series
So I have a bit of a weak spot for this film series, I think it’s a lot of fun to watch and I was lucky enough to get into it without knowing anything about it through advertising etc.

I first watched the 3rd movie before the others on a pirated DVD which was of poor quality, on a small screen, but the ‘found footage’ form of the movie seemed to add to the atmosphere and by the time the movie came to an end, I was surprisingly spooked!

So anyway, I thought I would open up a thread about this series, mainly to see what those who appreciate the esoteric arts and who actively practice magic have to say about the structure of the series.

I’m not sure the analysis of the film has been done any justice online anywhere and think there’s more to be said about the creature that terrorises the families in each film than just the Judeo-Christian ending - which seems to indicate that ‘Toby’ is probably Satan/Lucifer, which may just clarify why the creature always wins, but I was reading the Goetia and looked at the ‘seven princes’ under Tin and Jupiter, there seems to be many similarities between the powers those demons have and the story line in the PA series, also let’s not forget that the ‘entry point’ image is the ‘triangle of the art’ in the Goetia, which is erroneously referred to as some kind of Hittite fertility symbol in Paranormal Activity 4.

I guess I love how this entire series leaves lots of questions unanswered, but mine is whether or not ‘Toby’ is one demon, or 7 different demons?

I know it’s only a movie - but I’m getting geek on this shit and that’s how it’s going down! Okay? XD

Words are greater than we.

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