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Rosi Braidotti | The Post-Human Polity

.pdf   Rosi Braidotti-The Posthuman-Polity (2013).pdf (Size: 1.68 MB / Downloads: 97,496)

I am going to read this book, as it will follow from Judith Butler's 'Gender Trouble' quite nicely. It is a critique of post-humanism, which aside from talk of cyborgs and AI, I am more interested in the sense of the term as being about post-humanist views within knowledge.

Rosi Braidotti is a post-structural feminist and she discusses the mindset of our time, the war on terror, dim views towards post-structuralism/post-modern thought from the stuffy and rigid Anglo-saxon philosophers of analytic philosophy, as well as some activist movements such as feminism itself, who see continental thought as 'taking the action out of activism'.

I thought it would be a good read to get to grips with the feelings of apathy in our time and the regressive movements we have seen lately. It is also a good book for critiques of capitalism.
Words are greater than we.

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