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The Artis LSD
This was my first acid trip. I ripped open the package that arrived in the mail. I looked at the label that said "toxic" and "not for human consumption" and I ignored it. I took one of the 125 microgram tabs (bought from one of my two sources with crypto currency). I was talking over discord with my boyfriend on comeup, being naughty (tmi) with him as the world turned insane. The trip lasted 17 hours straight (strong for well over 12 hours, 1p-lsd lasts longer). I sat there thinking about life for the majority of the time, too distracted and frightened to do anything else. I experimented with thought processes through LSD. In Particular, the philosophies of The Artis Magistra

Through the lens of LSD, it is a message of implementation and inclusivity. It is not a message about loving people or even being nice or friendly. It is about including them. If I were to enslave all of human-kind to my desires for their own betterment, that would be inclusive. That is how one betters the state of things socially. Words are cheap and so are people unless they are included, implemented. People want to feel as if they have a purpose. People want to be recognized. LSD wasn’t about love and tolerance for me. It was about implementation and inclusivity. It was acceptance and not bullshit useless self-criticism. It is still about the individual’s struggle for power to become the best. Yet the inclusive implementing aspect exists.

There is the foolish one, who enjoys being crushed and defeated. They willingly do it, because they are a seeker of virtue. Very well, it did produce results. They also improved in a multitude of liberal, useless ways. You are all mere tools. These tools are reusable, and there is no reason to necessarily break or destroy through my eyes. Usage is implementation into something. It is investment. Abandonment of those who are on a path to destruction is sometimes the best path. However, we are creative, inventors of solutions. That solution may be to beat the living shit out of someone until they begin making sense (or bleeding sense).

Humans are mere tools. As long as a relationship exists, there is use. Humans are in a sense, an infinite and renewable resource. Operations which sustain someone are worthwhile in interaction rather than using them up, so to speak. People can’t be loved. They must be implemented somehow. To properly nurture human life, one can only implement life. People welcome this energy and commitment of being used. Faith matters, rather than divine knowledge. I have changed my stance on this. There is something at the core which is the force of ideas, divine power. Ideas existing in the mind of God, not a petty human thought process. It is senseless, it must be God’s will.

Saying someone is worthwhile or has human dignity is less useful than including them by using them in a plan. This is the fluid position of believing in your own capabilities. At the core, inner strength of Will and belief. We have already sealed the deal. It is not negotiable and I will get what I desire, mwahahahaha. People beat themselves up and want to die. People do not want to be used, and to be helped. People refuse to submit for their own good. People want to die and they welcome being killed. (See the Death Drive). People would rather die than understand these philosophies. LSD helped me to understand human usage at a deeper more mystical level.
Well done Whisper!

Recommend reading - without prejudice (another hit of  Angel might help) - "Liber Al vel Legis"


Enjoy !

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